Our establishment

The ground floor is made up of the classic vestibule, lovely flagstone patio altoaragonesas houses of the nineteenth century, the cellar, the barn, where once the cavalry to the daily work of the countryside, where masaba masedria bread for later baked in a stone oven and garden'' home'' where planted and sowed the most common vegetables for daily consumption, now converted into a quaint and colorful garden.

The upper floors consist of two apartments:

Meet our facilities



Apartment for 8 people in 4 spacious and bright double bedrooms with 2 bathrooms - (one is shared, the other in the same room with double bed), kitchen living room with fireplace and large terrace home great for kicking the fantastic views of the Sierra de Guara and people Rodellar

  The two apartments have the following services

Other facilities


   We have another apartment for 4 people in 2 spacious and bright rooms with private bathroom in each room, kitchen with fireplace and large terrace from where you can admire fantastic views of the people of Rodellar.

   The two apartments have the following services


Currently, we already have in service of a new building opposite the existing rehabilitated two duplex sleeping 4 each, rented together sleeps 8 or separado.4 each uno.Dispone a large stone patio, ideal for a biandas good grilled on existing barbecue.


Useful tourist information

The exceptional location of our country house lodge inside the Guara Mountains and Canyons Nature Reserve makes it ideal for discovering this area of outstanding beauty. There is a world of possibilities to be enjoyed: a unique flora and fauna, an area of great interest for wild mushroom enthusiasts, the home of birds of prey, traditional local architecture, cave paintings. The local fiesta in Rodellar is San Lorenzo (Saint Lawrence) on 10 August. The locals take part in a procession to the Virgen del Castillo shrine on 25 March.

Windows Mascún: another of the great jewels, not only of Rodellar but throughout Spain, is a geological quirk of Creator Rocks and Dreams, which was dedicated here sculpting prepirenaica large arches on limestone. Climbers have been able to do the rest. Needles and walls as the Picon do Cuervo, Needle Lady of the Castle, the Cuca Bellostas and Citadel, among others. that are true works of art. It offers visitors a world of possibilities: unique flora and fauna, instead of mycological interest reserve raptors, architecture, cave paintings. 

Interesting visit the Interpretation Center Park and Sierra de Guara, 18 kms. Rodellar Bierge as well as the more than 10 centers in Barbastro capital of the region, in Adahuesca, Colungo, Castillazuelo, Sta. Cilia of Panzano, Naval, Laluenga ect. 

In Rodellar San Lorenzo is celebrated on August 10. In addition, people gravitate in pilgrimage to the Virgen del Castillo on March 25. 

Around our house you will enjoy various leisure activities and free time. Also from the same location is accessed recognized legacy of Romanesque art (Church of Nasarre) and rock (dolmen Losa Mora Rodellar-Nasarre, within the Rio Vero Cultural Park, deer Chimiachas, caves Bafaluy and towns Colungo and Lecina , Barbastro and collegiate Sta. Maria as historic and Artistic) and torla Ainsa set a little away. 


Rodellar is a village of 30 inhabitants belonging to the municipality of Bierge, situated 765 meters above sea level, resting gently on a small hillside on the south side of the Sierra de Guara basins dominate the majestic rivers and Mascún Alcanadre. This part of the mountain is characterized unlike the north side for its Mediterranean climate with rainy springs and autumns, hot dry summers and cold winters with frost and snow included.


The physical environment is characterized by a karst limestone relief resulting monoliths and spiers of great beauty with rich vegetation of oaks, oaks, pines, boxwood and flora that make the landscape the ideal medium for integrated wildlife habitat by wild boars, Rabosas, raptors and other living beings as many smaller fish, reptiles and insects. With the passing years and Mascún Alcanadre rivers have shaped the landscape, opening the gullies and eroding the limestone, very soluble, which is filtered rain water creating beautiful shapes and silhouettes and exquisite rock sources natural


In the Valley of Rodellar still remain the human that were once vital to the local people. Means they got from their own natural resources that had more abundant valley excluding agriculture and livestock. Stone, wood, water, hunting and fishing goods squeezed to get the most use. Clear examples of these resources are the stones with which they made houses, temples, bridges and roads, wood like boxwood with which manufactured objects and tools use different wood, pine beams serving as roofs, oak for firewood to combat the cold winter ... 



-Barrancos And bathing areas: Mascun Basin, Basin Alcanadre Pedruel-Trinity Basin Alcanadre-Barrasil-Olleta, Basin Alcanadre The Peonera-Wht. San Martin, all in Rodellar and Bierge: The Puntillo and Tamara. 

-Climbing And Vias Ferratas: Climbing School Rodellar is currently one of the most important in the world for this sport. Its more than 400 routes of different level and lingitud concentrated in a small space make this dream throughout the enclave climber. There are three easy ferrata and average. 

-Montañismo: Road Head Guara Guara Tozal. (2000 m) 

-Routes Riding: There are stables in Bierge lel people and companies that organize trips to the places in the area. 

-Ornitologia: Birds of prey, vultures, osprey, golden eagle, vulture, peregrine falcon and other smaller as the eater or chova piquiroja. 

-Hiking: 5 Natural and cultural caracterisitas routes will take you through the peaks and heights Guara Park: From the chapel of the Virgen del Castillo, The Royal Mascun, Pedruel the bridge to the chapel of the Trinity's Crest of Balced, San Martin De Alcanadre all Rodellar. 

-Green -Routes: Singular trees, fountains, cultural routes, towns, bridges and chapels. 

-Route Wine in Somontano, consult others in www.somontano.org 

-Oil -Route somontano, visiting mills and lathes (Bierge Buera) where once the green gold that is produced or exchanged for products he sold pirineo.4 

-Center museum and interpretation centers: Nature, traditions, legends and customs Guara Natural Park merge into these enclaves Bierge, Barbastro, Colungo, Adahuesca . 

-Trip By the Rock Art: Guara Park and specifically the canyon is formed by vero coats schematic rock art and Levantine art. In Colungo central interpretation of rock art rises


Activities you can practice

  • Adventure sports
  • Canyoning
  • Caves, caving
  • Climbing
  • Craft workshops
  • Cultural routes
  • Cycle touring, bike routes
  • Excursions
  • Fishing
  • Gastronomy
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding routes
  • Lake or river activities
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountaineering
  • Nature observatories
  • Orienteering
  • Panoramic views
  • Typical countryside tasks
  • Via Ferratas
  • Wine tourism